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2023 A Year In The Life of A Safety Speaker

I just finished reviewing one of the best movies of the year! It was funny, suspenseful, sad, heartwarming, dramatic, and romantic, (It even had a cute dog!) I found myself rooting for the heroine, who experienced loss and fear, yet was blessed by many instances of kindness from strangers and friends, alike! I laughed with […]

Upper Michigan Safety Conference in Escanaba, Michigan.

We had a quick, but busy and blessed trip to Escanaba, Michigan, to be their keynote speakers for the Upper Michigan Safety Conference.😁 Flew in on Friday, and flew out on Saturday! Got up at 1:00am 😬, got Russ up at 2:00, and we arrived plenty early at Seatac, for our flight. Russ dropped me […]

An Unexpected Honor

Several years ago, The Haskell Company flew a camera crew from Florida to Washington State to interview Russ and I, with the intention of utilizing parts of our story for their orientation video. They did an amazing job, and captured the essence of our message beautifully! Since then, we have had many clients, colleagues, friends, […]

Phillips 66 in Ferndale, WA

Hey, thanks for clicking! 😃 This is my first blog, and my first entry. I have never blogged before, and am a brand new blogger, who doesn’t know the rules in Bloggland. 🫣 Just wanted to reflect on our first presentation of 2023. 😁 Our client was the Phillips 66 oil refinery, in Ferndale, Washington, […]

New Website!

Yay! It’s a new year and it’s the perfect time for Youngstrom Safety to get an upgrade: NEW WEBSITE!! Bear with us while we continue to improve this new site and make bringing safety easier for you! More coming soon!